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Transactions & Restructuring

Transactions & Restructuring

Corporate Development Functions have become an integral part of the business strategic goals as against being opportunistic in nature. It also takes a significant effect on the processes and a significant time is spent on the coordination efforts.

The M&A transactions have to be meticulously planned and a holistic approach needs to be adopted in order to optimize the resource spend and gain the leverage out of the transactions. MCR’s due diligence experts do just that. Our Due Diligence experts leave no stones unturned to advise our clients on the deal potential.

MCR is one of the trusted advisers to many corporate in India. Our M&A advisory helps assess the proposed transactions in a long term perspective. We work with our clients to structure the deals, value the business and build an effective business model. While the justification of the values of assets and liabilities have increasingly become complex, it has also become more critical for the businesses.

Every transaction has a tax implication. Almost two-third of the deals have been subjected to tax scrutiny. Our advisors combine their cross-border experience and provide their expert advice to ensure our clients’ are not subjected to greater tax burdens.

Our Operational due diligence focuses on the transaction life cycle by including a wide range of services from synergy assessments to supporting the integration process.

Our professionals deliver tailored advice highlighting the value drivers, risks and opportunities in the deal. Our services include financial / tax / commercial due diligence apart from deal structuring, integration planning and synergy assessment.

Our veteran professionals work with the Management and other stakeholders of the distressed companies to improve the cash flow, profit and loss and the balance sheet.