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Risk Consulting

Risk Consulting

Risk management has never been more demanding than it is now. Corporate failures in the past have indicated the lack of transparency and accountability. Companies have to be more vigilant about its internal process controls and external interactions. The role of Internal audit has since evolved from mere compliance monitoring to managing and mitigating risk.

Fraud risks have multiplied in the corporate world. The companies have to be all the more cautious when in cash constraints. The implications have to be considered in a holistic manner. Process controls lead to better administration and thus enhances transparency within the organization and lead to enhanced corporate governance. MCR’s Internal audit team deploys multi-disciplinary experts in order to identify the potential business risk / risk involved on account of process control lapse. The Fraud Investigation team is well aware of the complexities and sophistication of frauds. We work to reduce the adverse financial, reputational and operational impact of these frauds on our clients’ business.

MCR advises its clients on the financial risk management as well. These include credit risk management and measurement, asset management, operational risk management and assessment and a lot more. MCR ensures their client has a robust financial risk management framework satisfying all compliance requirements, while enabling the management make more informed decisions.

In a world of greater complexity and accelerating change, an organizations’ ability to effectively mitigate and capitalize on risk is a growing differentiator in the marketplace. We, at MCR, work cross functionally with the client organizations to factor risk into their strategy and operations while integrating the traditional disciplines of risk management.